Amber Lawrence

Hi Amber,

I had a ball on Crusin Country 3. Thank you for giving us the time to say hi!
I was wondering if you had any advice for me. I have always written poetry and love bush poetry as well but would like to get into song writing. I really enjoyed Gina and Rod's workshop on board but come from a really small town with no resources for writing.
Any advice would be great.
I am passionate about county music and keen to see if my poetry could crossover.
Thanks again and If I don't hear from you soon I'll see you at Mud Bulls! :) Katrina Cody.

Amber Lawrence responded on 08/27/2014

sorry for taking so long to reply Katrina xx
i think you should just write write write, practice makes perfect.
Have you studied at the Academy of Country Music - would you consder that?

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