Amber Lawrence

HI Amber - the CD in the case is called "when it all comes down" and has little flowers. It has 12 tracks starting with Feel Fine and finishing with Hole In my Head. Love it - I will email you.

Amber Lawrence responded on 11/13/2011

oh ok - did you play the CD on your computer? or in your CD player?
Can you just try one thing for me - play track 2 - and tell me if it's called 'Don't Do Lonely Well'...
there has been a problem with the printer actually putting the wrong data on the CD, so that the computer imports the wrong names...if this is the case, then the music should actually be the correct music, just labeled wrong..
Let me know?
Also Track 6 should be 'Women Like Me' and Track 7 should be 'Wrecking Ball'.....

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